The Yogurt you should switch to immediately…

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I’m not one for the cold, but this was worth it. I spent a good 2 hours in the dairy section of several grocery stores for you guys just to find the best option for yogurts. I love yogurt, I dont have it all the time because I try to limit my dairy intake, however, when I want it, I want the biggest bang for my buck. I dont mean $, I mean protein:sugar:carb ratio.

So lets talk numbers, sorry if I burst your yogurt bubble here, but your bod will thank me later.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We want high protein, low sugar, low carb.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Sometimes we think by going dairy free and opting for a nut or soy option we are doing a service to ourselves but many times the producers will add more sugar to make it taste better among other additives. We trade out one bad property for another, which defeats the purpose … lets take a peak.


Lowest sugar:
Black sheep (3)
Siggis 0% (4)
Wallabys 0% (4)
Fage 0% (7)
Fage 2% (8)
Almond (14)
Stoneyfield (27)
Traders point NA
Highest protein:
Fage 2% (20)
Fage 0% (18)
Wallabys 0% (17)
Siggis 0% (15)
Black sheep (10)
Stoneyfield (7)
Traders point (5)
Almond (1)
Lowest calorie:
Siggis 0% (80)
Traders point (90)
Fage 0% (100)
Wallabys 0% (100)
Black sheep (140)
Fage 2% (150)
Almond Dream (150)
Stoneyfield (170)
The Yogurt you should switch to immediately…

Black Sheep Cal: 140 Fat: 9 Carb: 7 -Sugar: 3 Protein:10

The Yogurt you should switch to immediately…

Fage 2%Cal:150 Fat: 4 Carb: 8 Sugar:8 Protein: 20)
Fage 0%Cal:100 Fat: 0 Carb 7 Sugar: 7 Protein: 18

The Yogurt you should switch to immediately…

Traders Pt Creamery (whole) Cal: 90 Fat: 5 Carb: 7 Sugar: ? Protein: 5



This guy steals the show with the lowest sugar to highest protein ratio. Stock up my friends.

Wallaby 0% Cal: 100 Fat: 0 Carb 6 Sugar: 4 Protein: 17

RUNNER UP: Siggis 0%


Siggis 0%Cal: 80 Fat: 0 Carb: 5 Sugar: 4 Protein:15

Yogurt is a great alternative to mayos, heavy creams, and a good source of protein- just dont let it be your main squeeze… and when you do, read the labels and choose the best option!

Rebecca Kennedy
A NYC-based fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Kennedy strives to improve every client's life both physically and beyond.
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