PALE-OMG goodness!!!!

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I think this was a wish I made on an eyelash probably 8 years ago… “I wish there were healthy donuts I could eat without playing over and over “what I eat in private (or in a dark coffee shop) I wear in public” playing on repeat in my brain.”

Paleo Donuts Are My Favorite

…And then the heavens opened up and my worlds collided with two very game-changing women, Emily & Gina, founders of EKG Project. Clearly at a fitness class. And clearly wearing Nike.

We quickly became friends after they fed my their “healthy” donuts. Just kidding, it was when I noticed their abs and swag. Jokes again, but how can paleo donut people be anything but amazing?!

Exhibit A: CORE FOUR (friends who like to work not their fitness. #paleoabs)

And now, years later I’m excited to share their success with you!

PALEO DONUTS… And donut bites!

I love their products because of their ingredients and knowing I’m doing my body good. I am a huge proponent of indulging from time to time. Make sure your indulgences arent processed and the ingredients are all pronouncable, understandable and natural.


– EKG Project



  • EKG Paleo pastries are now available at Kahve (9th between 51st & 52nd)
  • Order EKG Online: GIMME DONUTS 

You can have your donuts and eat them too! 
Deciding whether or not to share…. Mmm better not. Get your own today! 😜


To eat or not to eat…. No longer a question.



Rebecca Kennedy
A NYC-based fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Kennedy strives to improve every client's life both physically and beyond.
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