A Hawaiian Lunch: Strawberry Papaya Bowl 

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Strawberry Papaya Bowl

They’re exotic, delicious, healthy, nutritious, sweet tooth satisfying, beautiful …. and conveniently, a bowl! These stunning pieces of fruit are just asking us to fill them with more goodness.

They have no reason to be humble. They are that damn good. Fruit AND a bowl. Winning combination, if you ask me.

On a recent trip to Oahu for holiday, my boyfriend and I packed our bathing suits and our thirst for adventure. Searching out the must do’s in Hawaii we found our private guide, Ryan of Mahina Hawaii Adventures.  (below: after our “9 hour hike to the heavens”, covered in mud, legs shaking, completely exhausted and utterly amazed at our epic adventure.)


I couldn’t have conjured up a more perfect guide. Ryan literally made our vacation! Aside from the most coveted local spots away from all the tourists (and security guards dodged) we enjoyed the most sensational views, overcame fears, learned new skills, got educated on the island terrain & vegetation and filled our bellies with homemade food that prepped us for even more activity.

Our days were wonderfully long, pickup at 7am, drop off at 7pm (we chose the full day and an advanced set of hikes / water sports! You can do half days or just one adventure too, all perfectly tailored to your interests, skill level and and the group you’re bringing with you.).

You’d think you’d be hungry for lots of food between all the uphill hiking, snorkeling and standup paddlebaording…  but we weren’t at all! Ryan provided us with homemade snacks the entire day, including the meal he prepared for us after we got out of the water, rinsed our boards and bodies off. Needless to say, food that looks this good IS actually that good.

The meal below was one of my favorites of the entire vacation. Not the day, the vacation. Matter of fact, both my boyfriend and I couldn’t believe how simple and yummy it was – we went to whole foods that night to get our own ingredients and from that day forward made one every day for the rest of our trip.


Your body knows good, natural, whole foods. Eating local, in season, and fresh foods always feels good to your body. Strawberry Papayas are hard to find here in New York City, believe me, I’ve been looking for a month now.. but regular papayas will do- and when you’re in Hawaii, make sure to scoop yourself up one!

Not shown: homemade beef jerky, energy balls, Apple bananas (yep, little mini, sweet delicious nana’s), waters, and oranges. Macros, check! Energy, check! Satiated, check! 

The photos below was on the Road to Hana. We brought some supplies with us and made lunch at the incredibly beautiful black sand beach. Super easy, and no mess to clean up after. Aside from simplicity, there is a certain smile that came across our face every time we took our first bite, pure happiness.

I encourage you to try this, and also, next time you’re on the island of Oahu, hit up Ryan, and have the time of your life.

Do Epic Things.


IMG_7748 IMG_7749


  • Half a Strawberry Papaya.
  • Scoop out the seeds.
  • Mix 1 T almond/peanut butter + 1/2 cup granola of your choice
  • Fill the papaya with granola mixture.
  • Drizzle Macadamia Nut Honey on top.
  • Optional: dried fruit, strawberries or raspberries.


Rebecca Kennedy
A NYC-based fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Kennedy strives to improve every client's life both physically and beyond.
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